Referendum Result

It’s NO to the Titchfield Neighbourhood Plan.

The result of yesterday’s local referendum were announced this morning by Fareham Borough Council.

No  363  ….60%


Yes 241 …. 40%

Turnout was just over 30%

As less than 50 per cent voted ‘yes’ the Neighbourhood Plan will not be made part of the statutory Local Plan for the Fareham Borough.

Titchfield Village Trust Chairman, Nick Girdler, welcomed the result, saying that, “We can now get on with doing positive things over the next few years.”

The Titchfield Neighbourhood Plan was created by the Titchfield Forum group which had been a sub-committee of The Titchfield Village Trust.

When the Forum’s aims and objectives differed from those of The Trust, the two organisations had to separated.

The Forum believed the Neighbourhood Plan was ‘the best way to influence current and future developments in the area so that Titchfield become the village that the inhabitants want it to be.’

The Titchfield Village Trust disagreed, their concerns centred around the Plans figure of 153 houses to be built in the village over the next 20 years. Also that FBC’s own Local Plan did not include any new housing within the NP area.

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