The Neighbourhood Plan


The Titchfield Neighbourhood Forum has prepared a Neighbourhood Plan for Titchfield. 

The Plan sets out their vision for the future of Titchfield and contains planning policies to guide the development and use of land in Titchfield.

Following a consultation carried out by Fareham Council on behalf of the Titchfield Neighbourhood Forum, the plan was submitted for independent examination earlier this year.

The Council has received the report on the examination of the Titchfield Neighbourhood Plan. 

The examiner has confirmed that, subject to a number of modifications, the Plan should progress to the next and final stage which is a public referendum.

Click here to read the Examiners Report :

A referendum will be held on Thursday18 July 2019 to decide if the plan should be adopted

What you need to know before voting


Why you should vote ‘yes’

There is, understandably, some anxiety about the figure of 153 houses in the Neighbourhood Plan as a "housing need" for Titchfield.  

Let me explain how it came about.

There is a legal requirement for the Forum to state a number for "housing need".   The government funded consultancy AECOM helps Neighbourhood Plans by calculating this need.   It is an imprecise science, calculated from a number of factors including birth rate, death rate, the number of people who have expressed a wish to live in Titchfield, and mitigating factors.   AECOM's first estimate was for 262 houses.   The Forum pointed out another factor and AECOM reduced it to 153.   So you can see how tentative it is.   

There is no plan to build 153 houses in Titchfield.   It is an expression of the need.   Not all needs are satisfied.

In fact, Fareham Borough Council has said that the housing needs of Titchfield will be more than satisfied by the Hambrook development just outside the Plan area..   And the Neighbourhood Plan specifies that the green areas we cherish - Barry's Meadow, the play area at Bellfield, the allotments, the Village Green etc. should not be used for building.

It would be naive to imagine that the Forum could have ignored the AECOM figure.   Had it done so Fareham Borough Council would have disallowed the Neighbourhood Plan.    There would be no Neighbourhood Plan.

The immense advantage of adopting the Neighbourhood Plan is that it will have legal status.   Any government inspector is obliged by law to take notice of the Plan.

No other organisation in the village has such legal muscle.   If the Plan is rejected any inspector can ride roughshod over the wishes of the village and the local authority.   No amount of posturing will have an effect.  

Only the Neighbourhood Plan can protect Titchfield.

John Hiett

Titchfield Neighbourhood Forum

why you should vote ‘No’

If you vote yes in this referendum will be saying yes to the building of 153 houses within the Neighbourhood Plan area. We urge you to vote NO.

The examiners report regarding housing says:

‘The Draft Titchfield Neighbourhood Plan, relying on a report from AECOM, refers to a requirement of 153 dwellings’….’The draft TNP should therefore retain this figure’

He goes on :‘This is not a case where I could properly devise a criteria-based policy for new housing sites.’ What he means by this is windfall development and building on greenfield sites will not allow for 153 houses.

This is a catch 22 situation. You have to build 153 houses but you have nowhere to put them.

He gets out of this by saying : ‘I have therefore concluded that housing provision should be determined on the basis of national and district policy’

At the moment district policy (Fareham Borough Council’s Draft Policy) says NO building within the neighbourhood plan area.

However recent changes to National Policy say an additional 2,000 houses are required on top of those already allocated to Fareham.

Saying yes to this referendum would open the back door to developers identifying sites within Titchfield.

Please do not think that the addition of all the ‘aspirations’ in the plan will happen - they are just that, aspirations.

The Titchfield Village Trust say vote NO to this plan.

Abstaining is not an option it will be the equivalent of saying yes.

A simple 51% majority saying yes, even if only 3 people vote, will mean the plan is accepted.

Please make sure you vote.

Nick Girdler

Chairman, Titchfield Village Trust