On Friday 13 September 4 members of the Titchfield in Bloom Committee travelled to the Amex Stadium Brighton for the South & South East ‘In Bloom’ Awards sponsored by Gatwick Airport.

The presentations in was front of 400 people began at 10am and cities, towns, parks and villages were amongst the many categories judged. Large villages were featured half way through the afternoon. After the silver and silver gilt awards it was announced Gold awarded to Titchfield for the second year running.

The judges visiting a Titchfield garden.

The judges visiting a Titchfield garden.

Later it was announced that the County Awards were to be awarded, each County in the South & South East was read out Kent, Surrey, Sussex, Dorset and Hampshire, and the winners for the County of Hampshire are Titchfield.

Not only Gold but the County Winners as well. Thank you to all those residents and businesses who supported the Titchfield in Bloom Team.


Titchfield in Bloom