Vandalism and Criminal Behaviour in Titchfield

Following a meeting of various village organisations and individuals who have been targeted by a group of youngsters it was decided to list and collate all incidents of anti-social and criminal behaviour to present to the authorities.

The smashed windows at St Peter’s Church

The smashed windows at St Peter’s Church

At the meeting representatives of the Abbey, Surgery, Shops, businesses, TVT, the Community Centre, the Church, our councillor and private residents heard of the widespread disruptive behaviour.

Over the last few year the village has suffered from a number of incidents culminating last week in damage to the roof of St Peter’s Chapter Rooms and the smashing of one of the stained glass windows.

The group of young people have been abusive to members of the public, climbed on the walls of the Abbey, climbed on the roof of the Jubilee Surgery and have been rude and threatening in some of the village shops.

At the Community Centre, they have climbed on the roof, vandalised parts of the building and abused and threatened staff and visitors to the centre.

They have also been seen standing on window sills peering into residents homes.

It was understood that the Council has given an Acceptable Behaviour Contract to one boy, with a Parenting programme due to start next month for the parents. 

Legal action is promised if the boy does not cease his current behaviour. 

The youth outreach team will visit the village regularly to try and engage with the youths hanging about.  

The meeting was mindful of the anxieties caused by the recent County Lines drugs problems reported in the press.

There is also a need to protect elderly and vulnerable villagers from harm of any sort, criminal or of a public order nature.

It was confirmed that currently Fareham, (from Portchester to Park Gate) has only 7 police officers on night duty with more officers available in the day. People were asked to report any type of nuisance or annoyance by ringing 101 (or reporting the same on line ) or 999 if it is an emergency.

The Community Protection Officer at Fareham Borough Council is more than supportive of the village and the current spate of damage and public order nuisance is a worry and of great importance to her.

Last week’s meeting was attended by police, education providers, children’s services, FBC, youth workers and village organisations to try and find ways to engage children to reduce the chances of this sort of thing happening in the future.