The future of the Parish Room

Nick Girdler, Chairman of Titchfield Village Trust, on the future of the Parish Room and Project 2070

The launch of Project 2070

The launch of Project 2070

According to Village gossip the Parish Room is to be demolished and a care home built in its place !

Why would Titchfield need a care home when residents show they always care for the village in more ways than the Prime Minister can call for a vote on Brexit.

It’s not going to be demolished, far from it, and at a village meeting in May a ringing endorsement for Project 2070 proved that there’s life in the Victorian building yet.

The current trustees of the Parish Room charity have agreed to be merged with the Titchfield Village Trust Charity. The reason : to bring the building up to scratch and ensure it will be fit for purpose for the next 50 years.

It’s a complex set of legal hoops the Trust has to jump through in order to achieve this aim along with an herculean effort to raise the money to bring the project to fruition.

Essentially the entire roof needs replacing and at the same time we think a major upgrade should be undertaken allowing the Room to continue as an affordable and much loved venue at the heart of the village.

It’s a project we want the everyone to be part of and work has already started on setting up an infrastructure to make certain that this is the case.

If you think you have skills we could use in order to complete the task in front of us please contact the Trust.

We are at the start of a project that is likely to take years rather than months and cost hundreds of thousands rather than the cost of a haircut…and if anywhere in the south of England knows how much a haircut costs it’s the residents of Titchfield!

We know you won’t let us down.

Nick Girdler

Chairman Titchfield Village Trust