Concerns about landfill beside the Meon

A number of Titchfield residents have voiced their concerns over the appearance of piles of earth in a field alongside the River Meon.

The site, South of Bridge Street, often floods following storms.

Fareham Borough Council is aware of the complaints and have spoken to the landowner who thought that it was a good idea to raise the land so that the plot of land could be used to graze horses.

Under local government rules planning permission would need to be obtained to undertake any such work. It is understood that the landowner is now in the process of submitting a planning application for the site

Locals have also spoken on social media of large bonfires on the site and also of their worries that the soil being used is contaminated.

The Titchfield Village Trust have also voiced their concerns to our Councillor Connie Hockley who, in turn, has spoken to the relevant department at the Council.


Titchfield Village Trust

The raised soil levels beside the River Meon

The raised soil levels beside the River Meon