Playboy of the Western World at Titchfield

Playboy of the Western World: let’s all raise a glass to this wonderful play.

In a quiet little village, an especially pretty young woman falls under the spell of a charming, somewhat roguish stranger who suddenly appears one day. Christy Mahon is a young man on the run, claiming he killed his father.

The locals are more interested in enjoying his story than in condemning the immorality of his murderous deed. Christy’s tale captures the romantic attention of the local bar-maid. Synge’s wonderfully evocative and lyrical Irish play will keep you enthralled throughout.


This is the story behind Playboy of the Western World, Titchfield Festival Theatre’s latest production opening on Wednesday July 18th. It is an extremely funny, lyrical and poetic play which patrons will appreciate the almost Shakespearian style of language and production.
When Playboy of the Western World was first performed in its native Ireland a century ago in 1907, it caused a riot.

The play written by John Millington Synge is set at a time when Ireland was preparing for self-rule, with the production resulting in huge controversy amongst nationalists. Synge had written a play which captured the essence of rural, west coast Ireland, yet created unease in the predominant Gaelic-speaking community who were offended by some of the language used.

Within a few years, Playboy of the Western World was recognised for what it is – a brilliant masterpiece of a play, with witty lines and strong characters.

Kevin Fraser, Artistic Director of Titchfield Festival Theatre, says, “This is a lovely story set in an archetypal part of the West Coast of Ireland, County Mayo to be precise; the author has written lines which are typically Irish and beautifully crafted, giving us a real sense of life in a rural community in the early 1900s. Come along and enjoy a taste of Gaelic charm – the play is relatively short, with a good, solid cast and will be great fun.”

The Playboy of the Western World opens on Wednesday 18th July until Saturday 28th July at 7.30pm in the Oak Theatre, St Margarets Lane, Titchfield PO14 4BG. The Sunday matinee performance is on 22nd July at 2.30pm.

For more information, please go to contact our Box Office on 01329 556156.