The Titchfield Neighbourhood Plan explained

Titchfield Neighbourhood Plan - A Brief Summary


The Titchfield Neighbourhood Plan sets out the aims, objectives and policies for the growth of Titchfield over the period 2018 to 2036

The aim of the Plan is to try to keep and improve:

  • the local built areas
  • the historic areas
  • the natural environment

We also wish to improve the special interest, character and appearance of the area and its historic setting.

The key policies contained in the Plan relate to:  

During the life-time of the Plan, an average of 10 dwellings per year will be needed, with the emphasis on affordable rental housing and smaller homes to buy. It is hoped this will be met through small-scale infill development within the proposed settlement boundary. Housing needs can be reviewed every 5 years.

Getting Around
Traffic policies and tasks are proposed that are designed to reduce the impact of traffic throughout the Plan area so that the safety and environmental needs of pedestrians are given priority.

Commercial and Economic Considerations
Policies are proposed to ensure the continued success and focus of business premises in the High Street, The Square and South Street. Proposals to convert business or commercial premises into residential use will be resisted.

The Built and Natural Environment
Policies are proposed to ensure that Titchfield remains a village with an enhanced environment and valued open spaces.  

Historic Titchfield
The objective of the Plan is to respect and preserve the history of the area for future generations whilst allowing it to continue to develop and grow.

‘If the Neighbourhood Plan is successful at referendum, it will become part of the statutory development plan for the area. Consequently, decisions on whether or not to grant planning permission in the neighbourhood area will need to be made in accordance with the Neighbourhood Plan.’ - Locality, Neighbourhood Plans, Roadmap Guide.


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