Straight talking at CAT meeting

Fareham Council leader Cllr. Sean Woodward pulled no punches when he spoke at the Titchfield Community Action Team meeting at the village Community Centre.

Cllr Sean Woodward

Cllr Sean Woodward

Following an introduction by Cllr. Tiffany Harper, Sgt Nick Morgan talked on policing in the village and warned of the various scams in operation at the moment via email, phone or cold calling. And responded to a question from the floor on begging in the town centre.

Hayley Hamlet then explained the role of ‘One Community’ in the borough, how they help by providing support to local groups such as funding advice, governance and by building community resilience, and delivering volunteer and skills support.

Lastly the Council Leader gave a wide ranging  talk on what's going on in the local area.

He outlined projects undertaken in the last year in the borough such as the work on the sea wall at Hill Head, the refurbishment at Westbury Manor, the support for Fareham in Bloom and the cost of cleaning up the rubbish across the area.

He went on to detail the new road schemes already in operation and those still to be completed.

Cllr Woodward then spoke on the controversial subject of the Draft Local Plan and the current provision for housing in Fareham. He explained to the 40 plus audience the problems of meeting central government requirements on the number of homes and how developers will challenge the council if they don’t allow sufficient in the borough.

He also spoke about the plans for the 6,000 homes at Wellborne and also those for the town centre refurbishment which would provide some 900 new houses.

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