Mum hit by van in West Street

A Titchfield mum has called for motorists to be more careful when driving through Titchfield's narrow streets.

On her way to school with her children, Catherine Doust, was struck by the vehicle's wing mirror, even though she was walking on the pavement.

In a post on social media after the incident she reported, "Please can I ask drivers to be road aware on West Street.

"I’ve just been hit whilst walking on the pavement. The van, going at some speed, nearly mounted the kerb with its wing mirrors at children’s head level.

"Lucky I was walking near the side of the road and not my 5 year old.

"The drivers response when approached was, ‘I didn’t see you’ (and the other 3 adults I was with. and other school children)"

There have been a number of accidents reported by residents with pedestrians being struck while walking on our village streets.