TACT is the word


The icy February weather was soon forgotten on entering the Community Centre, by the warmth and welcome of the members of TACT, who were performing there for the second year, and adding a Sunday Matinee, after the Friday and Saturday evening performances.

What could be nicer than sitting at candlelit tables, sharing supper, or tea, with your friends, and watching talented performers entertain you?

The twenty-strong cast rose to the challenge with an eclectic mix of songs, skits and satire.

There was something for everyone from the Barbershop Sextet, in harmonious accord, to the enthusiastic Skiffle group, jogging the old memories. 

The girls, too, did themselves proud with their Dust Busting routine and an intricate rain dance, with open umbrellas, showing their stage craft skills.

We were treated to Monologues from a frustrated actress, a doting Grandmother, and one telling us the problems of keeping fit on your own, Pam Ayres style.’

Another reminded us how easy it is to ruin an outing by not being sure that you have turned off the curling tongs before setting out.

We were treated to an abridged performance of” Grease,” with the girls in 50’s style dresses and boys in authentic gear, of black leather jackets. With wigs for the lads, and American accents, the cast ‘brought the house down!

We were privileged to have a visit from Theresa May and Donald Trump, in amazing wigs, trying to revitalize the ‘Special Relationship.’

The Baby Boomers Anthem had the audience chuckling, as did the unique telling of The Green Eyed Yellow Idol, and who will forget the harrowing tale of a spoilt child, an Anteater and a visiting relation to the USA?, it didn’t end well.

Also, I don’t think the residents would approve of the suggestion in “The Future of Titchfield,” of skiing down West Street. It might end in more than a bollard bump at the bottom. We all know what Health and Safety would say

There is so much talent in Titchfield not only in the acting department but in the original writing and the music. TACT again gave us splendid entertainment and our thanks go to the Stage Director, Pat Shirley, ably supported by Sukie Swan, Keith Tatman, and the Producer Jacqui Knott, who, with their hard work and organizational skills,  made it memorable and sent their audiences away with smiles on their faces.