Eleven additional men honoured on World War I memorial

A new memorial has been placed in St Peter’s Church listing the eleven additional men who had been missed off the original plaque.

DSC02331 (1).jpg

Driving force behind the Titchfield Remembers project, Amanda Laws said, “This is the culmination of four years research for which I am honoured to have taken part.

“By adding these brave men to our memorial we have completed what we set out to do.

“Thanks to all of you who have supported Titchfield Remembers to make this happen. Special thanks to Tessa Short, Adrian Whyntie and The Chase family.”

Following the morning service at St Peter’s the memorial was unveiled by Tessa Short.

To find out more about all the Titchfield servicemen who lost their lives during World War 1 read the ‘Titchfield Remembers’ book which details the lives and deaths of ‘our boys’.

To discover more or purchase a copy of the book go to the Titchfield Remembers website.

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