Get planting for Titchfield in Bloom

Judging last year

Judging last year

Last year, for the first time ever, Titchfield entered Britain in Bloom as part of South and South East England.

The organisers were amazed at the number of people who decorated their front of houses, in the whole area of Titchfield, with flowers and flags.  This is more than just the centre of the village.   

Everywhere looked wonderful and the village of Titchfield won Silver Gilt ( just below Gold) which shocked the organisers as we were a first time entry.

Gloria Hunt from the ‘Titchfield in Bloom’ group said, “This year we are going for Gold .

“We have to show conservation, recycling, care of environment and lots more as well as loads of flowers, so quite a job.

“You will see us through the next few weeks, in green tops planting, sweeping , litter picking and weeding.”

Following on from last year the committee are convinced that this year, and with everyone’s help , the village will look amazing.

They recommend geraniums, lavender, begonias or any plants that need less watering .